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College Life

It all started when my girlfriend (and roommate) Sarah at our dorm organized a slumber party for the girls on our floor. At first I was a little embarrassed when I took off my robe in our private lounge- my thong panties left little to the imagination and my choice of sleeping attire was very risqué compared to the first girls that showed up.

I didn't feel so bad I didn't end up being the only one in a thong. One of the girls was wearing a completely see-through negligee! By the time everyone had arrived there were twenty of us and lace outnumbered flannel twelve to eight.

The conversation started out normal enough. We talked about school and our professors, which ones were cute and which ones we'd transfer out of next term. The usual. Then someone suggested that we play truth or dare.

Many of the girls asked general questions to the group, trying to find out what everyone had and hadn't tried. I had no idea that so many of the girls on my floor were such sluts! Many of them had experimented with threesomes, everyone had at least tried anal sex, one girl was fucking a professor and a few currently had 3 boyfriends each!

It seemed for a while that no one was going to have to choose to do a dare, everyone preferred to tell the truth rather than find out what a dare would be like with this bunch.

The first dare had five girls leave in disgust. The girl in the room across the hall from me didn't want to say anything about her current boyfriend and had to put clothespins on her nipples for thirty seconds. A few other prudes left about fifteen minutes later. Once they were gone all hell broke loose.

Only eight of us were left and I heard so many amazing sex stories that night I couldn't begin to write them all down. Stories about fucking delivery guys, orgies, gangbangs, a vice principal, you name it, I swear I heard it that night.

I was also amazed how many girls were using the Internet to find sex partners. Half of the girls had met up with someone online, and a few of those stories were almost unbelievable. One girl had fucked so many guys she'd lost count at fifty and the conversation centered around trading tips for finding the best looking men. They taught me how to use (or rather abuse) the system and it totally changed my life. I say abuse because that's exactly what we did.

After the party Sarah and I ended up having a little competition - who could fuck the most men in a week online. We both went all out. Sometimes I'd make dates with two guys in the same cafeteria and feel their cocks first hand before deciding which one I would fuck, and sometimes I couldn't decide so I fucked both of them.

I ended up losing the competition, which meant I had to take notes for her in our biology class. When I think back, it was a good thing. We went totally overboard with our escapades and it wasn't good for our grades. From my experiences with threesomes I ended up getting addicted to double penetration. I know it's insane, but two cocks inside me at the same time just makes me go wild. There were times when I could barely sit through my classes because my ass was too sore from getting fucked raw by two guys the night before.

That was last term, when I lived with Sarah. She didn't make it- her grades were too low and I barely passed. In the last few months I've calmed down a lot, but I still make all my dates through the internet (and mostly for threesomes), only now I make sure I have time to study. I have exams coming up soon, wish me luck!

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